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    Exclamation Explode or ungroup Sketchup 3D symbols?

    Hello. Is it possible to explode or ungroup Sketchup 3D symbols in order to modify the individual pieces? For instance, I imported a room from Sketchup and want to select and/or alter particular individual pieces in the room, with the final goal of incorporating these items into my design..

    I searched the threads but didn't find anything. Maybe I am using the wrong terminology.

    Thank you. -- Anca

    OH! I would also like to be able to edit BHG items as well. For instance, I'd like to exit the fireplace, making the inside a different material from the mantle, etc...
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    Download Google's free version of SketchUp, it'll allow you to make changes.

    I opened a fish tank that I didn't like the look of the water or the fish and removed them in SketchUp before importing the symbol into Home Designer.
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    OK. That works. As usual, thanks Kat. -- Anca



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