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    Intersecting full roof gables, need different pitch


    I am trying to model my existing house and am having some difficulty changing the pitch on full gable roof planes. I'm wondering if it is a limitation of my version or whether I'm doing something wrong.

    I'm trying to create a roof that has two full gable roofs at a 90 degree angle. If I start with a square house plan, it works fine. However, If I have a rectangular house plan, then HD creates both gables with the same pitch. Since one side of the rectangle is shorter, the height of this roof is lower since the pitch is the same. I would like to change the pitch to be steeper on the gable that covers the short walls so that all the ridgelines and roof heights are the same.

    I know that the roof tool contains the global roof pitch default, and that the roof tab on the wall specification dialog contains a more specific override. I'm able to get the overrides to take within the roof tab for each wall, but the roof stays the same. I have left auto-rebuild on as well as turning it off and manually rebuilding. I have also tried changing the pitch on the pair of long walls as well as the short walls. If I understand how it works, I should be changing the pitch on the long walls since the roof plane for the steeper gables bear on these walls. In any case no luck no matter how I do it.

    I have attached a couple pictures to try to make it clear what I'm attempting. In this example of a 20 by 40 house, the steeper pitch should be 12 in 12 to match the shallower pitch of 6 in 12 so the ridgelines are at the same height.
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    With all four of you walls specified as Full Gable, the program can only use the pitch value set in your Build Roof dialog, you won't be able to set any independly using the Roof tab of your wall specification dialog, so I can't see how you would do this without upgrading to Home Designer Pro, but I would be more than happy to be corrected if anyone else can think of a way.
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    Create a second floor.
    Make the ceiling height 0"
    Offset the 2nd floor gable walls slightly.

    Not quite what you want but close.
    Maybe further playing with pitches and/or ceiling heights?

    The important thing is to keep that slight offset. That's
    all the program needs to get that second pitch information
    from you.

    Maybe someone else (David?) can refine this or come up with
    a more elegant solution...
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    Thank you Doug, really appreciate that you took the time to help me! I may move up to Pro as it seems I will have much more flexibility in getting the roofs exactly the way they are built.
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