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    Adding a Porch with a Shed Roof

    I've got my house design, and roof, pretty much how I want it, except I'm having trouble adding a porch with roof. The porch roof is to start just behind the left hand gable, and have a 5:12 shed roof going up to the 8:12 roof behind it on the main porch. (picture attached, expected outline of porch is in red)
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    I've tried adding the front of the porch as an invisible wall, and specifying the slope, but it completely screws up the rest of the roof (picture attached).
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    I have to say, that roof design using this program (Home Designer Architectural) is a real pain.

    Anyhow, any idea on how to get this roof in there? The only thing I've gotten that works half decent is to forget the roof, and put in a sloped soffit and paint it like a roof!

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    I think this You Tube video perfectly illustrates what I mean, in terms of persistence and exactitude, I do hope you find the video of use and help to you:


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    I wrote a long, detailed response, but don't seem to have actually posted it.

    Bottom line, is thanks a bunch for taking the time to do this. Perseverance pays off, and I eventually got the results I wanted. Thanks again.



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