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    Add gable roof perpendicular to 2-level gable roof

    Hello all! Using Home Designer 6

    I have a house that has 2 gable roofs, running along the same plane, but at different levels.

    I want to add a room on the back and use a gable roof that is perpendicular to the existing roofs.

    Drawing is attached and here is a link to the exported photo:

    here's a better one with the smaller room:

    The part that is shown with a roof is the existing structure.

    The part I want to add the roof to is the flat structure in the front.
    I actually don't want it that wide, but want to move the left wall to the right to about the midpoint of the house.

    Like I said, I'd like to run the gable perpendicular to the existing gable line so require minimal restructuring. Any thought on how to show it?

    I'm not very savy and I had to use an exterior wall inside the plan to get the roof to show the different elevations. I made the ceiling on the left side 150" to gain the height.

    Thanks for all input!

    Edited to add, everytime I try and add the roof in the meager way I know how, the software rearranges the entire roof into something quite atrocious.
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    Hello Kirby,
    Welcome to to the forum. I think I understand what you are trying to achieve. In the following pictures the I have "red G's". These are the walls that need to be Full Gable walls. In the 3rd picture there is a "blue X" which indicates where a "wall break" needs to be made. The wall below the "blue X" should not have Full Gable selected.

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