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    Suite 8 on Win2K?

    I know better than to title a post that, but what can you do...? :-)

    We've recently purchased Suite 8.0, and we're having some problems with it. I suppose it's possible that these might be because we're trying to get away with running it on WIn2K, where it will install with no complaints, but likely a CA person will have to confirm or deny. [Sis informs me she tried installing it on her Win2K machine at work, and the pulldown and templates are there, so...]

    Just so I'm clear about it: I think the program is damned spiffy, and I'm perfectly willing to take "whaddya want for nothing; rubber bis-cuit?" as an answer. :-)


    When we try to create a new plan, the pull-down menu in the top right of the dialog for selecting a category of plans is entirely missing, and the list of plans, bottom left, has 4 houses (including the tutorial) and an 'uneven site' plan. And that's all.

    Was there something we were supposed to install besides the base package?


    Forging ahead, we tried to do some work anyway, and I got pretty far into a Dream House design (I don't actually *have* the cash in pocket to build a 6300ft2 house... yet :-), but I can't quite figure out how to do the sort of roof I want.

    The house is a very-slightly notched rectangle in front, about a 5 foot depression 30 feet wide, breaking it into 3 stripes, if you will. (it's 80ft (25-30-25) wide and 75ft deep.

    Since I want to put PV and solar thermal panels on the roof, I want to use a shed roof and face the house North.

    Well, I want to put *5* shed roofs up there.

    One big one over the central section, ramping from about 10 feet in the back to 18 or so feet in front), and on each out-rigger stripe, 2 smaller ones, each covering half the depth, like a sawtooth. All sloping up to the north. Ceilings inside cathedraled.

    A little birdie is telling me that being able to do that might cost me $500... or $2500, instead of 99 bucks, but I figured I'd ask anyway. (If I *did* have the cash to build it, I'd just go spend the $2500... :-)


    Finally, I've had some problems with floor treatments not displaying in rooms with odd wall intersections, in 3D views. The program isn't happy about our video card, though it doesn't say what it thinks we lack, or why it cares; is there a writeup somewhere on how hard the program depends on the 3D capabilities of the video hardware?
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