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    Thumbs up New Users Welcome

    We have been seeing a lot of new users here on the forum and I wanted to take the time to welcome all of you.

    If you have been reading the forum and have not joined yet consider joining and posting your questions. Chances are the questions you have are questions others are having.

    Also we are always interested to hear how you accomplished a task. Many of the best uses of our software come from our users. If you have had an interesting project and figured out a good way to solve it post your steps. Attach an image if you like and show off your results.

    As always we are here to help you be sucessful with the software. Let us know what you think and please post answers to questions when you know them. We try to monitor the forum but cannot always be here to answer every question. This forum is for you - so make the most of it.

    Dan Park
    Customer Support Manager
    Chief Architect, Inc

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    Posting Guidelines

    A couple of guidelines for posting that will help make this forum easier for others and help you get better answers.

    Search First: Many questions are asked multiple times. Try the search function first - if you don't find it right away go ahead and ask the question.

    Thread Title: Try to describe in a short sentence what you are asking. This will help others browsing the forum to quickly deduce what the post is about. Avoid titles like "help", "roof", "deck", etc.

    Program and Version: Always include the software name and version when you ask a question. For example: Suite 6.0 or Home Designer 6.0, Landscape and Deck Designer 7.0 etc. This will allow others to more accurately answer questions for your version.

    Using Pictures: If appropriate, attach a picture showing the problem. This can help others more quickly understand the problem. See this thread for instructions on how to attach pictures:

    Post Your Question Only Once: There is no need to post the same question multiple times in an effort to get an answer faster. People visit the forum frequently so questions are usually answered fairly quickly. If you don't get an answer to your question after a few days, then you can always add a reply to your post to bring it back to the top of the list.

    Don't "Hijack" Other People's Threads: If you have a new question that is not related to the original question, then post a new thread with a new title. This will make it easier for people to answer your specific question and do searches for questions later.

    Try the Help Database: The Chief Architect Technical Support Database also has answers to many support issues. You can find the database here:

    When All Else Fails: Contact Chief Architect Technical Support. You can find more information about contacting technical support here:
    Dan Park
    Customer Support Manager
    Chief Architect, Inc

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    Forum Moderation

    This forum is owned by and moderated by Chief Architect, Inc. The purpose of this forum is to allow users to post questions about and share knowledge about the Home Designer software products that we produce. As such, we reserve the right to remove any posts that we feel are not appropriate for this forum.

    I would like to remind everyone who posts on this forum to please keep your posts on topic and professional. Failure to do so may result in your posts being removed. Continued posting of inappropriate material may result in removal of an individual's posting privileges.

    Thank you for your cooperation and support.
    Dermot Dempsey
    Principle Software Engineer
    Chief Architect, Inc.



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