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    Parapet designs with crenulations sample plans

    I am designing a country house that I plan to have a "castle motif" with crenulated parapet walls and a fairly flat roof. Might have to consider a mansard roof for drainage and I will need some type of downspout or something, but I am looking for some "sample" plans that I can review that address the roofing with parapet walls. I will be reviewing the tutorials and youtube tutorials I can find for roofing, but I would like to see how others before me have designed.

    Any suggestions on where to look in either the HD designs or anywhere else?



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    I don't know if there are any "sample" plans that show what you want, but you should be able to do it using the instructions for creating a parapet.

    Article Number 120: How to make a simple flat roof parapet wall structure

    You can use the Break Wall tool along the solid railing to create breaks, so you can set the heights for different sections to create the castle wall look.



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